Sex, Love and Death

By: Administrator | September 30, 2016

Introducing SOS's Intelligent Living Magazine

Intelligent living is a narrative exploration of identity. Identity is cultivating the path to awareness by observing the perimeters of our culture in an intelligent way. Intelligent living will be about discovering and understanding the purpose of who we are and why we are all here.

In the information age, we have all been teaching ourselves very specific subjects through media/knowledge consumption. So where do you come from? What lineage of instruction and inspiration is encoded in you? What landed?

Our magazine is about evolutionary steps, as far back, and as far forward as possible.

IL will be where art, pop culture and science meet meditation. How have these pillars evolved you? Whom is evolving these pillars? Which ones are maintaining and deepening your relationship to yourself? Our brains are being uniquely shapeshifted the more we get to know ourselves, and so we’d love you to contribute your finessed vantage point.

For this first issue, we are looking for submissions on these themes:

SEX, LOVE, NEAR DEATH (interpret literally or metaphorically)

For most of us, these were moments that prompted our first flirtations with awareness and self inquiry. What these 3 events have in common is that they place you into a meditative state. Sex, love and near death, are undeniably meditative.

Why is meditation central to our mandate? Well because meditation inherently has an ability to refine identity, and enables us to live more intelligently.

Meditation is actually your natural state. It is what is occurring, on a continuous basis, simply because you are an individual encountering existence.

Meditation is that moment right before you orgasm, when climax is inevitable.

Meditation is the depth of sensation you experience as you lean towards the eyes of your beloved.

Meditation is the posture you adopt when contemplating art.

Meditation is the small ahas, and the big one.

Meditation is our mandate because at the root of IL is you, and your life is an evolving meditation.

Our media platform really only comes to life from the direction of a diverse team of contributors worldwide who are inspired by inspiring others. We will interconnect knowledge, creativity, and aesthetic appeal to enhance the state of mind of the reader. And this is our simple purpose, to enhance states of mind, to infuse lives and psyches with meaning from the perspective of the persons with the most vivid lenses. Are you thriving, opportunity driven, and forward thinking? How has meditation evolved the creation of both yourself and your world?

Submit your topics and articles, within the framework of sex, love, and near death, as it pertains to art, science, meditation and pop culture (singularly or as a collective). Tell us how you see it, offer suggestions, point out pioneers, etc, and we’ll share it!

Submit your articles, photo, art and thoughts to