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SOS offers you simple, progressive and immersive meditation programs that help you integrate the practice of meditation into your life. Each program is designed as a study course to lead you step by step into an advancing meditative experience with the help of guided instruction, beautiful visualizers and binaural sound. The convenience of S.O.S. mobile means you can rest into the glow of well being no matter where you are.

Welcome to the evolution of meditation.

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    The authentic meditation practices you will find within the SCIENCE OF SELF™ are rooted in an ancient tradition, and presented here for the novice and expert alike with exceptional clarity and grace. Our approach is designed for everyone, based in our belief that meditation is a universal ability which speaks to us all in a language of bliss.


    Science of Self is cutting-edge meditation technology that teaches you meditation with the aid of guided instruction, visualizers, and BINAURAL sound to enhance your (inner) experience.


    Learn meditation through easy, step-by-step programs where you can start with just 10 minutes per day. Our program teaches you to reliably navigate your way into total relaxation, focused attention, pointed concentration and deep rooted direction and every week you’ll be introduced to a new technique to get you there.

The Science Of Meditation

Meditation is a practice as old as antiquity. Today, its benefits continue to be recognized as profoundly contributing to one's overall well-being. Over the past 50 years, Western scientists have been studying the various ways that a regular meditation practice changes the way the brain work – effectively having a direct effect on neuro-plasticity.

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    • Immediate Access to Meditation
    • Full Access to Orientation Module
    • Experience Binaural Audio
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What People Are Saying

  • "I've been meditating for over 30 years and this app is very effective at teaching you a meditation technique. It is not just a product to help you relax - it teaches you HOW to relax, HOW to gain control of your mind, HOW to breathe and HOW to find comfort in your self. I've experienced deeper states of meditation with this app than ever before. I recommend using good headphones. You will be swept away with the beauty of this program!!"

    Lifelong Meditator

  • "I found that this app was easy to use and has within it, a necessary structure for an individual who wants to learn, practice and deepen meditation. The sounds were very soothing and Rameen's voice and words of wisdom allowed me to sink in deeply. It's good information and the app makes it easy to further a meditation practice. Thanks everyone who had a hand in making this."

    Cole Williston

  • "I’ve never experienced meditation the way I do with this. I have been following the Orientation study course over the past several weeks since attending an in-person Science of Self event a few months ago and now the app is keeping me on daily track. The sounds and simple instruction guide me into deeper and deeper states of inner space and now I’m actually starting to notice that meditation is helping me navigate my life with more ease. I love this app, can’t wait for more!"


  • "This is the best meditation app I’ve ever tried! I have been meditating for a few years and I found this app really useful in helping me to strengthen my discipline and build my confidence. The audio is remarkable, a minute into listening, I can feel my body begin to soften and my mind’s perception of space expands substantially. I can see this app becoming a very useful tool for an important part of my day. Thank you for this wonderful gift Science of Self."


  • "I love the way it makes me feel. I experience consistent epiphanies from being immersed in such a beautiful soundscape and pointed instructions within the guidance. I've resolved so many long standing internal conflicts. I love the way I feel afterwards even more! Science of Self has a way of lingering with me, almost as though it never really ended and everything was becoming an ongoing meditation. I can hear and feel it in between sessions, and It has enabled me to feel more empowered and peaceful within my circumstances. I can definitely attest to its transformative power and how deeply I've gotten to know myself and have become more of myself through using this app."


  • "The intelligence woven within the SOS app is sure to permeate any level of meditator and assist them along their journey of discovery. The melding of visual and audio allow for there to be an anchor, thus allowing the meditator to attain new depths. It's changed my practice having the ability to be more consistent in my meditations as well as more frequent. Meditation has always been part of my life but with the SOS app it's attained new heights. This is the future, as all elements ensure an accessibility for any level of meditator!!!"


  • "My mind is full, turning and often feels chaotic as a result of a very busy career and life. My first thoughts in the morning (after often sleepless nights) usually turn to my never ending list of what needs to be accomplished, followed by the ensuing feeling of anxiety that I will never get through what I need to get through to accomplish what needs to be done. Recently, I woke up to the same feelings of anxiety and worry and decided to try something different. I’ve been using the Science of Self app and trying the guided meditation every morning before I start my day. The sound supports keeping my mind clear of clutter and jumbled thoughts and since starting, the meditations I have experienced less anxiety and am able to enter my days with a clear mind and a sense of peace around the tasks and challenges I may face. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a guided meditation!"

    Andrea 1112

  • "Using the technology of SOS I found my self in the most relaxed and harmonious state I have ever experienced. The visuals, sound, and guidance make a perfectly balanced equation for elevating one within their mediation journey. I feel rich and abundant having SOS at my fingertips. A well of intelligence just waiting to be discovered and discover it you will, using this profound tool of Science of Self."